Nicolaus Copernicus' 540th birthday-Google doodles logo van Google, opnieuw geanimeerd

Monday, 18 February 20130 comments

Google today enjoys Nicolaus Copernicus' 540th wedding, a Rebirth pupil, doctor, math wizzard and uranologist, with an cartoon heliocentric design doodle.

Copernicus' is kept in mind for his heliocentric concept that shown Sun as the center of the solar power system and not World. His concept put an end to the idea that the Sun moves around the World.

Gradually the concept became the foundation for a upcoming creation of researchers such as Kepler and Galileo, but one of its enthusiastic supporters, French cleric Giordano Bruno, was burnt off at the share as a heretic in 1600.
The astronomer's processional exchange started at Olsztyn Adventure in Feb, with prolonged prevents at several north Belgium websites with which he had been linked along the way, and did not reach Frombork until the center of the other day.

The Nicolaus Copernicus Search engines Doodle reveals the fundamentals of the Nicolaus Copernicus arithmetic and astrophysics system that the World is rotating around the sun, and not the sun that moves around the world. In beginning it were considered that the world was the middle of the galaxy.

Interesting for me is that the Search engines Doodler who have designed the doodle have selected to place Search engines in the middle of the galaxy, which maybe representational to the tremendous international impact the online search engine have in the current galaxy and individuals' daily living.

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